SF City Hall Weddings

How cute are these two hotties? Jane & Rome are so affectionate with each other, it was a joy for me to spend a couple hrs taking photos of them. Here’s just a sneak peak, can’t wait to add more.  sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0001 sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0002 sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0003  sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0005


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This was the funnest wedding ever! After their city hall ceremony & portraits, we did a SF tour on a cable car. Everyone got a bit tipsy, and it was a blast. Tho it was challenging to photograph on a moving vehicle, I loved every minute of it. We went to the Golden gate bridge, Palace of Fine arts, Giants stadium, Potrero hill & I got off in Hayes valley where everyone went to dinner.  Not sure who put all the effort into all the great details, from the Just married sign on the cable car, the congratulations banner inside, the bedazzled bride goblets, rainbow and unicorn balloons…things like this do make for a festive environment not to mention great inspiration for the photog. The flower crown & bouts were by Ampersand, they were beautiful! Kim & Erin have such loving friends & family. There was so much love & fun, what else do you need really?

sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0001 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0002 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0003 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0004 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0005 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0006 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0007 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0008 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0009 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0010 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0011 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0012 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0013 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0014 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0015 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0016 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0024 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0025 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0026 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0027 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0028 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0029 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0018 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0019 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0020 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0021 sf-city-hall-wedding-lgbt_0022FROMSFWITHLOVE.COM

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SF City Hall Wedding

This was just so sweet! Jaime & Alex had a lovely wedding at SF city hall. I do cry at weddings sometimes, I can’t help it.  I don’t always know what people’s tears are about, but I know it’s about love and happiness. First it was Jamie who made me cry, with her Wynona Ryder eyes. Then it was Alex, when Jaime proposed to their daughter Izzy, which was beyond adorable.  Izzy being a smart cookie took the opportunity to negotiate on a puppy, while Jaime was making her promises, ha. Jaime gave her a lovely gold monogrammed ring. This little girl is soo loved!

I love that we got to use this geometric mural, I’d been wanting to use for some time. It’s a simple design with a lovely calming color palette. The reception was at Cala in hayes valley. If you haven’t been there, the food is to die for. I love the rustic elements in the space & the ceramic light fixtures.
SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0001 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0002 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0003 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0004 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0005 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0006 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0007 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0008SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0009 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0010 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0011 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0012 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0013 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0014 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0015 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0016 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0017 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0018 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0019 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0020 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0021

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