If I do say so myself, the photos from this SF city hall wedding turned out so cute! And I had so much fun with these two running around town. Here’s a sneak peak of W+M’s very SF wedding. And the amazing Fort Point was such a great location for photos. Can’t wait to add the photos from their reception at Wayfare Tavern.

SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0001 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0002 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0003 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0004 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0005 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0006 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0007 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0008 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0009 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0010 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0011 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0012 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0013 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0014 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0015 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0016 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0017FROMSFWITHLOVE.COM

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Marin Headlands Engagement

I love that I get to connect with people over their pets. These two cuties are Nacho and Pinot.  Mark + Marissa live in Sausalito, in a cozy place on the water. We also ventured into Marin headlands, and during the last bit of light Mark played a beautiful song he’d written about Marissa. It was such a treat,  I’m a sucker for acoustic guitar music. Looking forward to their wedding in Calistoga later this year!

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SF City Hall Wedding

This was just so sweet! Jaime & Alex had a lovely wedding at SF city hall. I do cry at weddings sometimes, I can’t help it.  I don’t always know what people’s tears are about, but I know it’s about love and happiness. First it was Jamie who made me cry, with her Wynona Ryder eyes. Then it was Alex, when Jaime proposed to their daughter Izzy, which was beyond adorable.  Izzy being a smart cookie took the opportunity to negotiate on a puppy, while Jaime was making her promises, ha. Jaime gave her a lovely gold monogrammed ring. This little girl is soo loved!

I love that we got to use this geometric mural, I’d been wanting to use for some time. It’s a simple design with a lovely calming color palette. The reception was at Cala in hayes valley. If you haven’t been there, the food is to die for. I love the rustic elements in the space & the ceramic light fixtures.
SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0001 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0002 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0003 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0004 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0005 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0006 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0007 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0008SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0009 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0010 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0011 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0012 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0013 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0014 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0015 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0016 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0017 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0018 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0019 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0020 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Same-Sex_0021

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SF City Hall Wedding

S.F weddings are so nice. Especially intimate ones, where you get to show your friends and family what you love about this city. This wedding started at the couple’s apartment in the mission, city hall, Fig & Thistle for a cocktail hr, and then The Tradesman for the dinner reception. I personally love both Fig & Thistle and The Tradesman, so it was a treat to be able to photograph a wedding at each of these lovely spaces.

I love it when a S. F wedding also allows us some time on the urban streets. I was able to capture such an eclectic range of things, colors, textures from this little wedding. The flowers & the cake were gorgeous. I’ve never seen a cake quite like this one, it was stunning how well it went with the flowers & fall decor.

Caitlin is a designer at Facebook & a painter. I love the color palette in her paintings. She made their wedding invites, which turned out really well. She used some bicycle wheels in the design. Scott builds bikes, so it’s a really cute theme. I tried to include it a bit too in one of her portraits.SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0001 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0002 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0003 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0004 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0005 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0006 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0007 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0008 SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0009
SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0010SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0011SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0012SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0013SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0014SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0015SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0016SF-City-Hall-Wedding-Mission_0017Florist: Blair Heagerty
Cake: Jasmine Rae
Reception venue: The Tradesman

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Mariah & Sean’s wedding was in Muir beach. It was a surprisingly sunny day for the coast. Their friend Zechariah married them at the Muir beach overlook. Such a gorgeous spot! It’s one of the first places Sean took mariah on a motorcycle trip when she came to visit him from Boulder.

I love the story of how these two met. Mariah’s dog Cooper ran from the car after a 13 hour drive from Minneapolis to Boulder, chasing Sean’s dog into his hotel room…Mariah moved to CA to be with Sean 5 months later.

They enjoyed traveling & exploring Nor Cal. Every weekend they found somewhere new. Every off-the-beaten-trail bakery, cheese farm, farm stand, diner, Restaurant, winery, b&b, hiking trail, and campsite they could find.

It’s sweet how much love they both have for Nor Cal. Their adventures here reminds me of all the road trips Tim & I have gone on and wish we could go on every weekend. In Sean’s own words, “being a kid from the flatlands of florida and central michigan, the diverse and epic landscape floored me. I bought a motorcycle and spent the 11 years exploring the pacific northwest and all it has to offer.” I bet he knows some secret spots I don’t!
Mariah & her gals got ready at The Pelican Inn, where their reception was. And enjoyed a moscow mule in matching copper mugs. I had just photographed the same mugs at Magpie & Rye. The Pelican Inn is a cozy spot, with old English country charm. It’s a great place to grab a drink, walking distance to the beach or after a hike in the woods. It is also where Sean & Mariah had their first date after she moved to SF.
From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0004 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0005
The beautiful rings are Rebecca Overmann, an amazing jewelry designer in SF who works with recycled gold and raw diamonds. They wanted to make sure that their rings were conflict-free and artisan-made, so Rebecca fit the bill perfectly! I love the different warm colors of the stones. It reminds me of the beautiful palette they put together for their wedding party. The backlit sun exaggerated the colors from soft pink, peach, mustard, to rust. Soo pretty, so fall!
The lovely beaded vintage clutch was Mariah’s mother’s, and the rustic wood box was made by her dad for their wine ceremony. From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0006 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0007
From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0008 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0009 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0010 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0011 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0012 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0013

Mariah wore a vintage Badgley Mischka dress for the ceremony & a vintage dotted swiss dress from the 50′s for dancing. Her succulent & air plant bouquet was made by Atelier Joya. From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0014 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0015 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0016 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0017 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0018 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0019 From-SF-With-Love-Pelican-Inn-Wedding_0020

They now live in Minneapolis, where Mariah does marketing for Caring Bridge and also teaches yoga & meditation to those who suffer from PTSD and TBI. Sean is a freelance Creative Director & photographer. Love his photos of Scribe winery, soo good! Mariah & Sean intend to move back to Nor Cal, open a bed & breakfast, and never leave. That sounds dreamy!

I really enjoyed being a part of this celebration, seeing the love they have for each other & for Cali was a beautiful experience.

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