Taking a break from processing weddings to share this shoot I adored being a part of. I have always loved the small town feel of Piedmont since I was like 18 and dating a punk rocker who lived in Temescal before it was a nice neighborhood. Now that we live in Oakland I visit Piedmont a lot. I go to my bank, the post office, my favorite local cafe/bakery (La Farine)/ Ice cream shop (Lush) & boutiques. It’s so nice to walk around to a number of spots and feel like I’m in a small town since I get to visit during the weekdays.

I’ve been a long time fan of Mercy Vintage then the cute shops that opened up next door one of them being Neighbor. It’s a gem and a great place to find unique gifts, quality housewares & knick-knacks.  Naturally, I was really happy when I got to photograph their first gathering in their new outdoor space on a beautiful summer solstice eve.

The owners, Karen + Dana have the cutest friendship, not to mention mad style. Karen has been a fashion icon on mine since I met her years ago. The food was made by Chris of Kronenburger, and it wasn’t just yummy it fit the aesthetic of the space nicely. And the gorgeous florals were done by Matthew of The Hanged man co. The arrangments were decadent yet homey & I love the element of decay.

It’s awesome when the things you love & appreciate invite you in for a closer experience. What a lovely group of people.  There’s nothing like food & drinks and good company. Especially being around other creatives and watching them create magic.
Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0001 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0002 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0003 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0004 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0005 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0006 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0007 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0008 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0009 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0010 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0011 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0012 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0013Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0014 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0015 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0019 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0016 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0018 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0020 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0021 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0022 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0023 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0024 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0025 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0026 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0027 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0029 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0030 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0031 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0034 Neighbor-Oakland-Piedmont-venue_0033

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