Berkeley City club & Brazillian Room Wedding

One of my favorite places to photograph in the east bay is the Berkeley city club, it’s rich with architectural details and the library is so unique, colorful and glamorous. Jason’s velvet suit jacket & Brandy’s vintage inspired beaded gown complimented the space so beautifully. We did all the photos before the ceremony without the groom seeing his gorgeous bride. I met these two cuties through one of my besties who hired me to do a holiday photo booth for their company holiday party. Company parties can be so much fun, with good cocktails & yummy horderves. I made some fake presents as props in funky handpainted wrapping paper & my personal favorite the candy cane headband. Check out photo booth photos here.  We were lucky enough to catch some magic golden hour light before dinner at a lake near the Brazillian room. Brandy was a glowing goddess with that beautiful light. Can’t wait to go back for my next city club wedding.  berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0001 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0002 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0003 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0004 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0005 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0006  berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0008-2berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0011 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0009 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0010  berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0012 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0013 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0014 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0015 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0016 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0017 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0018  berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0020 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0021 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0022 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0023 berkeley-city-club-brazillian-room-wedding_0024FROMSFWITHLOVE.COM

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Berkeley city club wedding

Ttriss & Nico met in France. Ttriss was from S. F, and moved to France to finish here business degree. She lived in Quebec when she was little and learned to speak french at a young age. Ttriss is a musician & Nico is a pattern maker for Louis Vuitton & a painter. His painting is influenced by photography and street art. Ttriss’s parents live in Berkely, so they got married back in Cali. Isn’t the Berkeley city club très jolie? It’s 1930 vintage charm is stunning, from the windows, light fixtures, to the pool.  It was so nice to work with this artsy couple. I have been craving some real Norcal bohemian. We went to the Berkeley marina for sunset, and they spent the rest of the evening on a boat with friends and family. Can’t wait to visit with them in Paris! Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0001 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0002 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0003 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0004 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0005 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0006 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0007 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0008 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0009 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0010 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0011 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0012 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding_0013

Florist: Freshly Cut
Venue: Berkeley City Club


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