I’ve been a huge fan of Flora Grubb‘s for years! It’s a unique space that keeps growing & morphing into a more and more interesting secret garden out in Bayview-Hunters Point. I love that I got the chance to work with them on a recent SF wedding. I worked with the talented florist Susie &  photographed a beautiful wedding invite suite inspired by florals there. These are strictly the Flora Grubb photos. See the invites here.

Flora-Grubb-Wedding_0001 Flora-Grubb-Wedding_0002 Flora-Grubb-Wedding_0003 Flora-Grubb-Wedding_0004 Flora-Grubb-Wedding_0005 Flora-Grubb-Wedding_0006 Flora-Grubb-Wedding_0007

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SF Dogpatch Sutton Cellars Wedding

The Baker & The Dr, Part II. Yay this got published on Artfully wed!

This smart couple split their wedding celebrations into two days.  I think it made each day more manageable tho they were eventful. It’s a great way to show your out of town family & friends your city. And since it was both on a week day (Weds + Fri) it was more cost effective. We took one of the wedding packages and broke it in two (why not?), 4 hrs of coverage each day. Kara & Edward did a lot of cool things for their wedding. Like more photo sessions,  ate at two different venues, and they had friends pitch in on some of the food & entertainment. Edward’s pastry chef friend made their gorgeous wedding cake. Edward (who made his own colorful pickles) and his chef friends at Piccinos did the beautiful & delicious reception spread & their friend’s band played. It was a lot of fun enjoying local wines at Sutton cellars, and eating tasty burgers from Doc’s of the bay. Doesn’t this wedding make you want to do your wedding exactly the same! It was such a nice S.F experience. Sutton cellars, Dogpatch, Cavallo pt, delicious beautiful food…Yes please!

This is also the first time I worked with Kate of Pieces by Violet twice in one month, and I just adore her. I’ve totally collected this cute british vintage lover as a friend.

SF-wedding-27 SF-wedding-26 SF-wedding-25 SF-wedding-24 SF-wedding-23 SF-wedding-22 SF-wedding-21 SF-wedding-20 SF-wedding-19 SF-wedding-18 SF-wedding-17 SF-wedding-16 SF-wedding-15 SF-wedding-14 SF-wedding-13 SF-wedding-12 SF-wedding-11 SF-wedding-10 SF-wedding-09 SF-wedding-08 SF-wedding-07 SF-wedding-06 SF-wedding-05 SF-wedding-04 SF-wedding-03 SF-wedding-02 SF-wedding-01

Planner: Stacy of Wink! Weddings
Vintage rentals: Pieces by Violet
Florist: Tali of Thistle
Food Truck: Doc’s of the Bay
Cake: Gift from groom’s pastry chef friend at Piccino’s
Invitations: JuneBride Lettering via Etsy
Hair and Makeup: Susie Chhuor
Dress: Nicole Miller “Tara” via The Wedding Party
Short lace dress: Zara
Kara’s shoes: Jimmy Choo “Agnes”
Fur jacket: Zara
Earrings: Elizabeth Cole
Veil: mignonne handmade via Etsy
Feather hair accessory: Pomp & Plumage via Etsy
Groom’s tie: Marwood
Groom’s shoes: To Boot New York
Bride’s band ring: Adel Chefridi
Bride’s solitaire ring: Bario Neal
Groom’s ring: Jenny Windler
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SF City Hall & Cavallo Point Wedding

The Baker & The Dr, Part I. Yay this got published on Artfully wed!

This wedding  & the couple are very sweet. You can absolutely see how they feel about each other by the way they look at each other & feel it in their presence. I like to call this couple The Baker & The Dr. Edward is a pastry chef at Piccino’s restaurant in SF’s Dogpatch neighborhood. And Kara is a Dr. What was unique about their wedding is that they split it up into two days. On the first day, Kara got ready in a friend’s beautiful spanish home and had an intimate ceremony at SF city hall. After we took some photos around city hall, we heading to Cavallo pt, for more photos, but also because they had a celebratory lunch with their guests at Murray Circle. I loved all the decor in the house, and Kara’s bouquet by Thistle, it was wild and beautiful.

SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0001 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0002 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0003 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0004 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0005 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0006 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0007 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0008 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0009 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0010 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0011 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0012 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0013 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0014 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0015 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0016 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0017 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0018 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0019 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0020 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0021 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0022 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0023 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0024 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0025 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0026 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0027 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0028 SF-City-Hall-Wedding_0029

Ceremony: SF City Hall
Venue: Murray Circle Restaurant at Cavallo Point
Planner: Stacy of Wink! Weddings
Florist: Tali of Thistle
Invitations: JuneBride Lettering via Etsy
Hair and Makeup: Susie Chhuor
Dress: Nicole Miller “Tara” via The Wedding Party
Short lace dress: Zara
Kara’s shoes: Jimmy Choo “Agnes”
Fur jacket: Zara
Earrings: Elizabeth Cole
Veil: mignonne handmade via Etsy
Feather hair accessory: Pomp & Plumage via Etsy
Groom’s tie: Marwood
Groom’s shoes: To Boot New York
Bride’s band ring: Adel Chefridi
Bride’s solitaire ring: Bario Neal
Groom’s ring: Jenny Windler
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SF City Hall Wedding

This is the lovely wedding of Whitney & Rory. They had a short & sweet ceremony at SF City Hall, then we took the ferry to a private beach front estate in Marin. On such a beautiful sunny day, it felt like we all flew to a private island. It was such a treat, so relaxing with a gorgeous & romantic sunset.

SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0021 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0022 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0023 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0024 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0025 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0026 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0027 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0028 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0029 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0030 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0034 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0035 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0036 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0037 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0038 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0039 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0040 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0041 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0042 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0043 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0044 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0045 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0046 SF-city-hall-Marin-Wedding_0047

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Bohemian SF Wedding at Taylor Maid Farms

Yay, this wedding got featured on Bridal Musings & The Knot!

There is not enough bohemina hippieness these days in the bay area, so this wedding was such a treat. This working farm is a gem & not that far from S.F. There are yurts with claw foot tubs, a flower garden & a outdoor wood fire oven. Not to mention mountains and trees. They used gourds and flowers from the farm to decorated the tables. One of the bridesmaids made the huge dream catcher place card holder. It turned out so good.  And my friend Megan made the floral crowns. It was a celebration packed with music lovers and cool bands. Guests sang songs late into the night around the big fire pit & camped under a starry night under the trees. What a lovely group of bridesmaids, and beautiful little flower girl. I really liked the folk music by the Rainbow girls. They are so talented, with acoustic instruments including a washboard and tap dancing.  Would love to see them & visit Taylor Maid farms again. And I’d love to do more farm to table weddings.

Dress: Nicole Miller
Venue: Taylor Maid Farms
Florist: Bree Douma, passionflowersdesign@gmail.com
Flower Crowns: What Meg creates
Caterer: Rocker Oysterfellers
Jewelry: Erin Maa of Emaa Jewelry in Marin
Invitations-What Meg creates
Hair + makeup: Lupe Muller of Hair Solano and Brooklyn Santiago
Musicians: Rainbow girls
Wedding Decorations: Dream Catcher and mason jar decor by Paige Mullins
Burlap Isle: Etsy shop Dawn Wedding Designs

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