How beautiful are the colors of this Scottish wedding!? And Adrienne with her gorgeous red hair & bright blue eyes. Love the vintage heirlooms and the beauty of the Fraser ladies. And it’s always fun when the guys wear kilts, right? I was excited when Adrienne told me about her Scottish theme wedding & roots, especially cuz I’m a fan of the tv show Outlander where the main clan is Fraser. I’ve watched a number of European shows lately including Call the Midwife, and my most recent favorite The Kettering incident from Australia. I Love all the different accents. Can’t wait to finish this whole wedding and get to the fun photo booth photos!  This was a elegant old world charm wedding that started from Grace Cathedral to the Room of the Dons at The Mark Hopkins. They had a potato bar, a piano player & their favors were in Chinese takeout style containers with shortbread cookies and other goodies.

Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0001 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0002 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0003 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0004 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0005 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0006 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0007 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0008 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0009 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0010 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0011 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0012 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0013 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0014 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0015(R) Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0016

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