This venue was great for this intimate, vintage inspired, casual wedding.  China Cabin is a Victorian saloon venue space that was originally commissioned in 1866 to carry mail and passengers between San Francisco and the Far East. Amber was referred to me by the lovely ladies at Metier, Sheri & Trina are the sweetest people who own & curate one of the best jewelry boutiques in SF. These mamas have mad style. I had the pleasure of collaborating with them a few years back and was already a lifelong fan. They carry the most unique and vintage heirloom jewelry I’ve ever seen & hope to own more of.  Jason is a graphic artist based in Oakland. It’s always nice to get to know the couples I get to work with and find out that we have mutual friends, in this case other than Sheri & Trina, also our friend Matt Leunig another Oakland artist. Amber’s friend did all the flowers, and the palette and style worked so well with the space and Amber and her maid of honor’s vintage style, tho also modern. Her little girl was the flower girl, and I could not get enough photos of her. Love the matching animal print jackets!! If I have a little girl I’m so stealing this.china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0007

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