Being able to do outdoorsy weddings close to home is such a treat. The University of California Berkeley Botanical Gardens & Redwood Grove is gorgeous. And it’s extra meaningful if you went to school there or are an East Bay local. Lia &Rainier are the cutest couple, I thought so when first meeting and photographing them while they were still dating. We shot at Steep Ravine cabins in Marin, the photos turned out so good, see them here. They met while living in a multi-roommate house in SF, how cute is that! Rainier is a pro cyclist & Lia is a black belt in martial arts. It would be fun to see these two athletes take each other down, ha. Lia was a jaw-dropping bride, so elegant. And those colorful heels, so fun. Rainier’s wedding band is custom made with Mt. Rainer joining the Golden gate bride. It’s the coolest men’s band, I’ll include a close up when I finish the whole wedding. I loved being their wedding photographer!


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This is one of my favorite wedding venues. The people who manage this old building have done an amazing job, not just keep the building in good condition, but not over-restoring it. The walls are preserved & show it’s age & history. When I first returned to the bay after collage & some years in Socal I learned that The Marin Headlands center for the arts have a program for fine artists. I desperately wanted to be a part of it,  but not being a fine artist I had no idea how that was going to work out. Now I get to photograph weddings there! I’ve done a handful of them there now over the last few years, from when I use to 2nd shoot to now doing my own. It is always a treat to be in that space. And the exclusive chef, Katie Power’s food is amazing. It’s homey, classic, and seasonal. There are a lot of photos of the giant ceremony wreath by Loop flowers, I couldn’t help myself it’s beyond gorgeous. I’m curious who got to take it home? This was a fun loving couple with lots of family & friends from the east coast. And the touches of Irish heritage is lovely. Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0001 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0002 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0004 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0005 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0006 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0007 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0008 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0010 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0011 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0012 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0013 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0014 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0015 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0016 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0017 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0018 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0019 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0020 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0021 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0022 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0023 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0024 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0025 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0026 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0027 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0028 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0029 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0030 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0031 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0032 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0033 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0034 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0035 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0036 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0037 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0038 Marin-headlands-center-for-the-arts-Wedding-sf_0039

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SF Presidio Wedding

Here’s a sneak peak of a sweet wedding in the Presidio. We did the first look overlooking the marina, the ceremony at the lovely Swedenborgian church, then the reception at Foreign cinema.
SF-Presidio-Wedding-Swedenborgian_0001 SF-Presidio-Wedding-Swedenborgian_0002 SF-Presidio-Wedding-Swedenborgian_0003 Lauren-Andre-Wedding-0016-022588SF-Presidio-Wedding-Swedenborgian_0004 SF-Presidio-Wedding-Swedenborgian_0005

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Woodsy Modern Boys Room

Featured on 100 Layer Cake-let

Kids-Room-Inspiration_0001 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0002 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0003 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0004 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0005 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0006 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0007 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0008 Kids-Room-Inspiration_0009

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Finch Linden / BelleSF Magazine

I shot the cover of BelleSF Magazine!
The cover model, Finch Linden, is also a photographer and is a really good model.
You can pick up a copy at these local SF & Oakland newstands.



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