How beautiful are the colors of this Scottish wedding!? And Adrienne with her gorgeous red hair & bright blue eyes. Love the vintage heirlooms and the beauty of the Fraser ladies. And it’s always fun when the guys wear kilts, right? I was excited when Adrienne told me about her Scottish theme wedding & roots, especially cuz I’m a fan of the tv show Outlander where the main clan is Fraser. I’ve watched a number of European shows lately including Call the Midwife, and my most recent favorite The Kettering incident from Australia. I Love all the different accents. Can’t wait to finish this whole wedding and get to the fun photo booth photos!  This was a elegant old world charm wedding that started from Grace Cathedral to the Room of the Dons at The Mark Hopkins. They had a potato bar, a piano player & their favors were in Chinese takeout style containers with shortbread cookies and other goodies.

Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0001 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0002 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0003 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0004 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0005 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0006 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0007 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0008 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0009 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0010 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0011 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0012 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0013 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0014 Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0015(R) Grace-Cathedral-Wedding-SF-Scottish_0016

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Hello 2017!

Hello 2017, I’m so glad you’re here.

2016 was a challenging year for me due to some not so great family stuff. And my ex-office assistant who was the best assistant ever also left to take a full-time job. Trying to find an equally good assistant has proved challenging. It was my most booked wedding season with 30 weddings, plus other portrait & small advertising jobs. I tend to deliver a lot of photos per shoot, so without the extra help of an office assistant, it’s been a bit gnarly. BUT I loved loved loved all the wonderful people I photographed & collaborated with this year.

One of my kid lifestyle shoots was featured in a cool German publication, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. And my co-photo company Gather West was named best of 2016 weddings! Woot! Usually, I work on getting a good number of weddings published, but I didn’t get the chance to do any of that last year. Love Inc Mag found me.

I’m lucky that I get to work with lovers surrounded by their loving families all year round. Not to mention the people in my life who love & care for me. Tho tough times suck, it has shown me how much love people have for me, and who I can depend on for anything or a little extra TLC. I will miss my loved ones dearly & forever. It comforts me to know that the love we have for our loved ones lives on.

My last shoot of 2016 was in mid Dec. I’ll be busy processing photos, starting engagement shoots & meetings with more 2017 inquiries for the next couple months. And my wedding season starts up again in February.

Here’s a mash-up of a few more 2016 weddings with couples from all over the world, Spain, France The Philippines, China, India…more to come from Germany, Netherlands, Japan…

sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0001 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0002sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0019 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0020 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0021

This Spanish & French fusion of families was so fun! How cool that they can speak each others language and combine their cultures so easily.

Today is my grandpa’s bday, he was a WWII hero and commercial pilot. My grandparents raised me. I was born in the Bay area, but we lived in Hawaii & Taiwan until I was 7. I traveled often with them, flying first class, and getting special treatment from the crew. It was awesome obviously! I remember being in snow in Japan, meeting my first beautiful tranny in Bangcock, and shopping in France. We settled back down in Belmont for my middle and high school years. My grandmother worked for the American embassy, then as a secretary in the Science department at Stanford University. They were the parents who made me who I am.  Because of them and my upbringing, I think that is why I love different cultures and the satisfaction I get from working with all different kinds of people.

sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0003 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0004

I got to whip out my mandarin with this cute couple from China. My mom’s side of the family is Chinese. Their roots are from China, but my grandparents escaped communism to became refugees of Taiwan in 1949. I don’t get to practice my mandarin much these days, but I’m technically fluent. 😉

sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0005 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0006 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0007
Got to work with the amazing Nicki Wolf, planner, for this sweet wedding at Triple S ranch in Calistoga. Nicki is awesome, she is soo nice, soo there for not just the couple and their family but me too. I want to work with her as much as I can,  I want her & her beautiful energy in my life.  Bouquet from Ampersand.sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0008

This kind couple is from the Phillipinese, the bride Tati is a stewardess, and they offered me a trip to the Phillipinese. Amazing cuz of my family’s airline history. And they brought me all sorts of dried mango treats. sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0009sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0011 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0012 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0013 sf-city-hall-wedding-photographer_0014

Preethi is so pretty. I love Indian culture they are so affectionate. And absolutely love her subtle hippie dress that has peace, love & daisies.

I can’t wait to make some amazing things happen this year, try to live a simpler life, spend less time on the computer & finish more home renovation projects.

Here’s to a good 2017! Let it be a good year, a happy year, a fulfilling year.


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Ugh I forget just how lovely this wedding turned out. Here’s a sneak peak.

We use to live right around the corner from Alamo square park, I miss going to that park, the amazing view of the city from there, walking through it and getting coffee on Divis. Sigh…but I love Oakland & our 1926 Spanish house. The weather is better and the vibe here feels good. I’ll always miss the urban feel of SF, the walkability and how the fog at various times of day can feel so cozy & somehow romantic.

Emily & Jon got ready in Japan town, which made for some fun photo ops. Nice touch with the Sushi socks, Jon.  The florals are from my lovely friend Lorena of Home Sweet Flowers. She has a style that I can always recognize. The green hues of the bridesmaid’s dresses were rich & pretty with the magenta pops of color. During the ceremony, Emily’s dad played a song on his saxophone, so lovely and so sweet. It was nice for guests to just walk over to the reception at Firehouse 8 from Lafayette park. What a great authentic SF experience.

Firehouse 8 is owned by a really nice lady, who’s been in the neighborhood for decades and also owns a boutique on Polk. I met her once when BHLDN invited me to an event there. She invited me & my friend Kate of Pieces by Violet up to the roof to check out the view.  It’s an amazing SF space with some original architectural detail, exposed brick, and a huge skylight. I need to find out who the caterer was cuz the food was so so good, one of the best wedding meals I’ve had. 

Lovely wedding to be a part of.

firehouse8-wedding-sf_0001firehouse8-wedding-sf_0002 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0003 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0004 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0005 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0006 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0007 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0008 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0009 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0010 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0011 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0012 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0013 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0014 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0015 firehouse8-wedding-sf_0016



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This venue was great for this intimate, vintage inspired, casual wedding.  China Cabin is a Victorian saloon venue space that was originally commissioned in 1866 to carry mail and passengers between San Francisco and the Far East. Amber was referred to me by the lovely ladies at Metier, Sheri & Trina are the sweetest people who own & curate one of the best jewelry boutiques in SF. These mamas have mad style. I had the pleasure of collaborating with them a few years back and was already a lifelong fan. They carry the most unique and vintage heirloom jewelry I’ve ever seen & hope to own more of.  Jason is a graphic artist based in Oakland. It’s always nice to get to know the couples I get to work with and find out that we have mutual friends, in this case other than Sheri & Trina, also our friend Matt Leunig another Oakland artist. Amber’s friend did all the flowers, and the palette and style worked so well with the space and Amber and her maid of honor’s vintage style, tho also modern. Her little girl was the flower girl, and I could not get enough photos of her. Love the matching animal print jackets!! If I have a little girl I’m so stealing this.china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0007

china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0008china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0010china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0012china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0013china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0014china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0015china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0016china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0001china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0002 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0003china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0017 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0004china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0018china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0005china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0019china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0020china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0006 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0021 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0022 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0023 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0024 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0025 china-cabin-tiburon-wedding_0026


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SF City Hall Weddings

How cute are these two hotties? Jane & Rome are so affectionate with each other, it was a joy for me to spend a couple hrs taking photos of them. Here’s just a sneak peak, can’t wait to add more.  sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0001 sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0002 sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0003  sf-city-hall-lgbt-wedding_0005


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